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How to Naturally Boost Testosterone Levels as You Age

Your ability to naturally boost testosterone levels as you age is essential to your health and well-being. Why? Well, for many reasons.

Are you feeling sluggish and low on energy? Is your sex drive not what it used to be? Do you find you’re easily gaining body fat and losing lean muscle mass? If so, you may be experiencing the effects of low testosterone levels. Testosterone is a hormone that is vital for men’s health and well-being.

At the age of 30, it has been shown that testosterone levels start to drop off and continue to plummet with each passing year. This can cause men many various health issues.

However, don’t lose hope if you’ve already hit the magical number 30 or even doubled that number already. The good news is that you can naturally boost testosterone levels and improve your overall health.

In this article, we will explore eight effective ways to naturally boost testosterone levels, from exercise and healthy eating to stress management and sleep. So, if you’re ready to take charge of your health and feel your best, let’s dive deeper and learn more!

Here are several of the most effective ways to naturally boost testosterone levels as you age.

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1. Exercise regularly

Exercise is one of the most effective ways to naturally boost testosterone levels. Resistance training has been shown to help drastically boost testosterone levels in men. You don’t even need to hit the gym daily to accomplish this. Aim to work out at least 3-4 times a week, focusing on compound exercises such as squats, deadlifts, and bench presses. Push yourself during your workouts, and don’t sandbag your time in the gym.

2. Maintain a healthy weight

Being overweight or obese can negatively affect testosterone levels, so maintaining a healthy weight is crucial. Eating a balanced diet with plenty of whole foods and avoiding excessive amounts of sugar and processed foods can help. Those who are overweight will find it much harder to put on lean muscle mass and may gain extra body fat quite quickly, so maintaining a healthy weight is key to naturally boosting testosterone levels.

3. Get enough sleep

Sleep is critical for overall health, and it also plays a role in testosterone production. A lack of sleep can cause a drop in testosterone. That means skipping all those shows on Netflix, putting your phone away, and slipping into bed at a reasonable time if you want to naturally boost testosterone levels and better manage your hormones. You should strive for 7-9 hours of sleep per night to optimize your testosterone.

4. Manage stress

Chronic stress has been found to disrupt testosterone levels in your body, including testosterone production. Practice stress-reducing activities such as yoga, meditation, or deep breathing to keep stress levels in check. Stress causes a rise in cortisol levels, which can zap your testosterone production. To naturally boost testosterone levels, put time aside daily to focus on managing your stress.

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5. Increase zinc intake

Zinc is a mineral that is essential for testosterone production. Foods high in zinc include oysters, beef, pumpkin seeds, and spinach. If you’re not getting enough zinc from your diet, you’re not going to optimize this crucial hormone. Be sure to include some foods high in zinc somewhere in your daily diet to naturally boost testosterone levels.

6. Consume healthy fats

Healthy fats, such as those found in avocados, nuts, and fatty fish, can help to boost testosterone levels. Even the use of vitamin D (naturally or through supplements can help naturally boost testosterone levels). These fats are essential for testosterone production and overall health. If you don’t want to go the route of a supplement, be sure to spend some time out in the sun each day to help increase your natural intake of vitamin D, which can also help lift your spirits and improve your mood.

7. Limit alcohol consumption

Sorry guys, but excessive alcohol consumption can have a negative effect on your testosterone levels. Limit your alcohol intake to no more than two drinks per day, and preferably less. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, but drinking too much alcohol can lead to weight can, putting you further at risk of lower testosterone, going back to what was said in number two. Focus on your water intake and limit alcohol consumption if you want to naturally boost testosterone levels.

8. Utilize DHEA supplements

The use of DHEA supplements can play a role in your ability to increase testosterone production. You’ll want to find and utilize a high-quality DHEA supplement to reap the most benefits. We launched MyoLabs DHEA-50 due to the gap in the industry when it comes to quality DHEA supplements.

DHEA-50 can help naturally boost testosterone levels, build and maintain lean muscle mass, improve strength, support carbohydrate metabolism, enhance sexual function and libido, increase bone density, and heighten mood. When used regularly, you can quickly find an improvement in all these aspects of your life and health.

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Author: Matt Weik

Matt Weik, owner of Weik Fitness, LLC, is a well-respected fitness expert/author with a global following. His work has been featured all over the globe as well as having published more than a dozen books. He is a certified strength and conditioning specialist, personal trainer, and sports nutritionist. Find out more at


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